Software and Services - DriveProfiler


Driver Risk Scoring

The Driver Rating Platform (DRP) provides driver risk scoring with actuarial support for one of the most accurate predictive indicators of claims ratios in the industry. It creates a risk score using the following elements as inputs: Aggressive driving measures including speeding by road type, harsh braking, harsh cornering and excessive acceleration Road type classification […]

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Real-Time Driver Feedback

Driver Feedback Software DriveProfiler offer a number of different platforms for providing driver feedback from embedded Smartphone applications, to dot-mobi applications and web-accessed customer portals. These solutions are easy to use, offer a range of value added services and ensure the driver receives ongoing feedback to improve driving style, reduce accident risk and lower fuel […]

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Accident Management Solution

Our accident management solution provides a range of services including real-time notification of accidents, FNOL solutions, claims management support and detailed accident replay with 3-D graphical interface Impact Alert At the time of the accident, an alert is sent in real-time to the driver (via email and SMS), to the next of kin, to the […]

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Fleet Management Software

The Fleet management platform is used for managing commercial fleets from company cars to forklifts and 18-wheeler tractor-trailer operations. It includes functionality such as driver performance management, fuel and C02 measurement, asset planning and tracking, fleet utilization measurement, service planning and management, driver identification and working hours management and much more. Some of these include: […]

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