Usage Based Insurance Solutions


Driver Risk Scoring Capability

The Driver Rating Platform © has been developed with input from some of the worlds leading actuaries and specialists in the UBI field to make it one of the most accurate predictive indicators of claims risk in the industry. It creates a risk score which takes into account driver behavior elements (such as speeding, harsh […]

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Actuarial support

The DriveProfiler product is one that has been designed by actuaries with a clear understanding of what the UBI solution needs to contain. These actuaries are part of our delivery and support team and can be accessed by our UBI customers for input on items such as scoring formula options, product offerings and typical impact […]

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Accident Management and Reporting

A key component of a telematics solution for passenger cars is the Accident Management component. The two key objectives in post-accident response are to firstly provide immediate assistance to the driver in the event of an accident and then to ensure quick and effective management of the loss event. DriveProfiler offers an advanced suite of […]

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Hardware Options for UBI

The principal in the Usage Based Insurance industry is to keep the cost of the device and the deployment thereof as low as possible whilst still providing the required level of detailed information to accurately assess driver risk. The hardware platforms provided by DriveProfiler range from a simple smartphone solution (no tracking device required) to […]

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Value Added Services

Our value added services are extensive and a key factor in the deployment of UBI solutions. Consumers need to see personal benefits in the use of such systems to increase buy-in and program participation. DriveProfiler’s services include: Vehicle log-book Vehicle map position and trip replay on Smartphone and web application Vehicle fault notification Vehicle services […]

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