Fleet Management and Leasing Solutions


Fleet Management software

The first market sector to make extensive use of tracking technology was the commercial fleet operators. This was typically to track vehicles on route and monitor and manage driver behavior and engine abuse. DriveProfiler’s services extend well beyond this as we look to unlock the true power of in-vehicle telematics through our market leading solutions. […]

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Asset tracking and driver protection

One component of the use of telematics in commercial and private fleets is driver safety. Drivers can be tracked on route to ensure assets and drivers are properly managed and operated in a safe manner. Specific services in this regard include: Driver route tracking and driver rest management Tracking and recovery assistance on stolen vehicles […]

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Hardware Options for Fleet Management

The Fleet Management environment is extremely diverse and thus requires a range of different alternatives from hard-wired devices to OBDII installed devices. Our tracking devices run on a wide range of moveable assets including cars, motorbikes, trucks, trailers, forklifts, yellow equipment (heavy trucks), cranes, containers, rail cars, pumps and much more. Some of these device […]

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