We have a wide range of accessories and devices that can be used with our telematics solutions. These include:

Driver Identification technology

  • Hard-wired key-socket and tag: This option is typically wired to the ignition circuit with switching relay preventing the vehicle from starting unless an authorized tag is accessing it. This ensures authorized vehicle use only and allows for one to identify the behaviour of the driver at all times regardless of the vehicle he or she operates.
  • Blue tooth driver ID: A Blue tooth tag can be used to ensure driver ID transmission. This offers a simple Driver Identification vai blue-tooth comms but typically does not prevent unauthorized use.

Satellite Navigation PDA devices

  • We can offer a PDA device loaded with iGo satellite navigation system and allowing for turn by turn directions and two-way (hands off) communication with drivers.

Buzzer alerts for driving style

  • We offer a buzzer enabled option on all our devices where a buzzer will alert the driver when they are violating limits set. The events which attract a buzzer alert can be user-defined and limited to only certain events which are deemed critical.

Panic button

  • We offer a panic button option that can be triggered by a smartphone or a button mounted in the vehicle. This in turn alerts our control centre for immediate response to the incident.

Lone Worker application

  • For workers operating alone in hazardous or unsafe environments we offer a smartphone or gravity switch enabled solution which allows for real-time alerting of our centre should a person fall over or depress the emergency alert switch.