Fleet Management software


The first market sector to make extensive use of tracking technology was the commercial fleet operators. This was typically to track vehicles on route and monitor and manage driver behavior and engine abuse. DriveProfiler’s services extend well beyond this as we look to unlock the true power of in-vehicle telematics through our market leading solutions. Our solutions allow fleet operators to plan operations, allocate resources (people and assets) to this planned work and manage the execution of these activities in real time. Our Fleet Management software allows for companies to effectively control and manage their fleet using interactive tools that can be accessed via web or using our smartphone and tablet applications.

Industry specific solutions include:

  • Fleet Leasing companies
  • Car and truck rental companies
  • Commercial fleet operations including:
    • Oil and gas
    • Cement
    • 3rd Party logistics providers
    • Courier and postal services
    • Minding and heavy equipment
    • Consumer Packaged Goods delivery fleets
    • Maintenance and repair fleets
    • Yellow Equipment

More information on the software enabling these services can be found in the Our Technology section