Driver Risk Scoring Capability


The Driver Rating Platform © has been developed with input from some of the worlds leading actuaries and specialists in the UBI field to make it one of the most accurate predictive indicators of claims risk in the industry. It creates a risk score which takes into account driver behavior elements (such as speeding, harsh braking and so on), road type, mileage, intersection count (how many times the driver went through an intersection), peak and off peak driving, day and night driving, weekend or weekday use and so on. The tool can then combine this with imported data such as claims history, standard GLM measures and even weather patterns to create an overall risk score.

In order to change driver behaviour you need to provide constant feedback to the driver on their driving style and related focus areas for improvement. To this end, we have Smartphone and Tablet solutions which give real-time feedback on trip performance and exceptions so that the driver can improve their score, reduce their risk profile and ultimately pay less for insurance.