Real-Time Driver Feedback


Driver Feedback Software

DriveProfiler offer a number of different platforms for providing driver feedback from embedded Smartphone applications, to dot-mobi applications and web-accessed customer portals.

These solutions are easy to use, offer a range of value added services and ensure the driver receives ongoing feedback to improve driving style, reduce accident risk and lower fuel consumption and emissions.

our driver feedback software

Smartphone/Tablet applications

This provides immediate feedback (after every trip) on the driving style and an indication of where the driver went wrong. Each trip can be allocated to private or business use.

A map function allows for plotting of current vehicle position as well as replaying of trips on the map.

We can also notify when panic button has been pushed, if the vehicle has been in an accident or if it’s been illegally towed.


Web Portal

This offers information found in the smartphone applications as well as historical driver-scoring trends to assess your overall driver performance and improvements over time.

Feedback Portal Graph